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Following are the list of Frequently Asked Questions compiled under various headings.



Q: What is EIPRHR l Online and its offerings?    

A: EIPRHR I Online is a gateway to provide quality European programs offered in a variety of subjects and specialization for students seeking to excel their career by gaining quality top up guided programs.

European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR) founded EIPRHR l Online with a vision to make professional programs available to all eligible candidates fulfilling entry requirements within a nominal fee and help them gain international experience, and earn prestigious certificate/diploma/advanced diploma etc. All programs are guided by its program director and their team members. The best part of the program is that many of the programs embedded with 4 weeks’ online internship which may be beneficial to students.  

Please remember- There are only limited seats available under each program which will be allotted to eligible candidates on first come first served basis.


Q: Is my Diploma/Advanced Diploma/Research Fellowship program accredited and recognized?

A: European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights ( EIPRHR) is a fully autonomous institute registered with Government of Latvia ( European Union), and Transparency register of European Commission; which was established for research based education. Today EIPRHR has its global presence with its offices in more than 40 countries. Online Programs, Internships and Research programs offered by EIPRHR l Online attended by students from Worlds Top ranked Universities/Institutes, as well as executives working in the world’s Top companies and Government organizations.

To know why EIPRHR l Online is No.1 choice among University students and professional executives Visit here


Q: Is Research Fellowship Program (RFP) available for non european international students?

A: Yes! EIPRHR l Online was created to open the gates for quality professional programs for all qualified individuals, around the globe. It is the aim of the EIPRHR l Online to provide access to professional studies regardless of financial, social or geographic constraint.


Q: Are only citizens of Europe eligible to apply in the Research Fellowship Program (RFP)??

A: No. Regardless of country or citizenship; EIPRHR l Online is available worldwide to all citizens who fulfill basic eligibility criteria.


Q: Are citizens of all nationality eligible to apply for the Program?                                                                          

A: Yes. All programs are open for ONLY eligible candidates/citizens of all nationalities. (To check your eligibility, visit program page or eligibility section).




Q: What programs does EIPRHR l Online offer?

A: EIPRHR l Online offers Bachelor, Masters and Executive level job oriented professional programs in Law, Economics, Management, Political and Social Science, Environmental Science, and Forensic Science.

For more information on the programs offered at EIPRHR l Online, please visit Here


Q: Will I travel if I if I have to attend the Research Fellowship Program (RFP)?

A: EIPRHR l Online is dedicated for online education. All of its studies are entirely online.


Q: Do I need to come to campus to participate in EIPRHR l Online's Research Fellowship Program (RFP)?

A: No, all of our programs are 100 percent online, and available to participants regardless of their location.


Q: By taking an EIPRHR l Online's Research Fellowship Program (RFP), will I have any EIPRHR l Online alumni privileges?

A: As an EIPRHR l Online participant, if you enroll in Diploma or advanced diploma or research fellowship program; on completion of the program you join EIPRHR l Online alumni and become entitle to avail all privileges available to alumni.


Q: How the Programs offered by EIPRHR l Online stand apart from other available programs offered by other institutions?

A: Candidate from almost all fields applies to a program of their choice. Our programs are available in almost all subjects including, Arts, Law, Management, Medicine, Engineering, Mass communication, etc.

The program is open for students (Bachelors/ Masters/ Doctoral) as well as working professionals (advocates, medical doctors, journalists, social activists, Government officers engaged in policy making, etc.) or anyone who is strongly willing to learn advance their knowledge.

The unique part of all programs is 4 weeks' Internship which is mainly offered to refine the learnt knowledge into practical. The intern learns the basics to advance technique/methodology of Policy Paper research writing by experienced eminent professors /faculty of EIPRHR from US/Europe trained from world's premier schools (Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, London School of Economics, New York University, Oxford University etc.,).


Q:  Why skills of Research Paper Writing (RPW) are important for being successful in the career. What are these skills? What changes it would bring to the career of the participant?

A:  Importance of Research Paper Writing in the boost of career-

• Research Paper writing is an essential part of almost all conferences/seminar/debates related to education, medical, engineering, law, management, etc.

• Research papers are widely written for different purposes by Students, Academicians, Physicians, Advocates, researchers, Journalists, Policy making institutions, Government, Non-Governmental organizations, etc.

The following benefits are achieved during and after completing the research fellowship / Internship.

• Good reading and writing skills: these ones help you to think outside the box and understand the scientific discovery process;

• A sense of achievement: in such a way you understand that you’ve done something all on your own, it also helps you to get prestige and good credentials;

• Skills for future scholarly researches;

• Being acknowledged in your area of study;

• Learn how to use electronic and non-electronic resources;

• Demonstrate your individuality through writing;

• Develop reasoning skills and critical thinking;

• Learn how to become creative and original.


Programs, Modules & Learning Model


Q: I'm not sure if Research Fellowship Program (RFP) is right for me. How do I choose.?

A: Please take a look at program page which provides details on who would benefit and why should you attend the program. Visit the program page here


Q: What is the duration of the Research Fellowship Program(RFP) ?

A: The duration of the program is set as-

  • Online Learning of Research Methodolgy- 1 month
  • Online Internship- 1 month


Q: How will I be benefitted by attending the Research Fellowship Program(RFP) offered by EIPRHR l Online?

A: You will learn the program designed by the renowned professors of the top ranking world universities; earn a Certificate of Research Fellowship from prestigious European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR). , you will get an extra certificate of internship as Junior/Senior Research Fellow.


Q:  I am in my first year of Bachelors in Arts, Can I apply for Research Fellowship Program(RFP)?                  

A: Yes, if you fulfill the basic entry requirements, you can apply for Junior Research Fellowship Program (JRFP). Please do not apply for Senior Research Fellowship, if you do so, your application will be rejecetd.  If you do not fulfill basic eligibility criteria as mentioned in the program page, we advise you NOT to apply to avoid rejection / disappointment.


Q: I am doing Masters in Engineering (Computer Science), what programs I can enroll?

A: Check the Program brochure or visit link of related school/department/centre to find a related program


Q: I am doing Masters of Business Administration (MBA), what programs I can enroll ?

A: Check the Program brochure or visit link of related school/department/centre to find a related program


Q:  What I will learn in the program?    

A: Refer program page for curriculum/ modules you will study.


Q: How many hours per week should students expect to devote to their coursework?

A: A student should expect to spend at least 15-17 hours per week on each course. This includes readings, research work, writing, project work, etc.


Q: What steps do I take when I am about to complete the program?

A: Students in their final week of study should contact their program director to attend Final exam online.


Q: How does the educational model of EIPRHR l Online differ from the MOOCs?

A: What is a MOOC? A MOOC is defined as a massive open online course which aims to obtain hundreds of thousands of students in mass-classrooms to provide knowledge to significant numbers of people in an open way. Many platforms popular on internet among students offering courses based on MOOCS, where an individual approach is missing.

EIPRHR l Online offers full student support services and academic advising, similar to that found in any other university. Additionally, EIPRHR l Online in its commitment to democratize higher education, limits the use of audio or video so that students with low internet bandwidth are able to access the courses as well.

An important part of EIPRHR l Online’s educational model and its mission is to open the gates of higher education globally. EIPRHR l Online offers fully structured bachelor and masters level diploma, advanced diploma, certificate and advanced certificate programs, designed by eminent professors of world top Universities, in law, economics, management, etc.


Q: How EIPRHR l Online programs will be delivered?

A: At EIPRHR l Online, you can experience real-world learning in different ways:

Mode of Study Material-.pdf (MSM-p) :   Through course material in email: Complete coursework in your email by the program director’s official email which would help you to decide to set your own time of learning. (Recommended for students living in countries where 4G/5G internet connectivity is limited.)For more information on learning model visit here


Q: What modules/ syllabus will be available to study in the Research Fellowship program (RFP) ?                                     

A: The complete curriculum is listed in the page of each program’s page.


Q: What kind of access will I have to faculty?

A: Our course platform offerings have been developed by some of the most renowned EIPRHR l Online faculty. Although professors will not have direct real-time interactions with students, you will hear from them via email that explain key concepts and guide you through cases, exercises, and other interactive learning elements to create a highly engaging educational experience. Plus, as much as we expect you to learn from the faculty, we expect you to learn as much (if not more) from your own thoughtful participation in this active learning environment.


Q: Are EIPRHR l Online programs available in languages other than English?

A: We expect to offer our courses in additional languages in the future but, at this time, programs by EIPRHR l Online can only be provided in English.


Q: Will I need to purchase any additional materials?

A: Your program fee covers all course materials and administrative charges.

You will not be required to purchase anything else or pay any additional fees for our programs or any associated final exams.


Q: What are the technical requirements and minimum bandwidth needed to participate in Research Fellowship Program (RFP)?

A: You are not required for any special technical program. To start and complete your program smoothly, you should have internet connection and Adobe Acrobet Reader to open the course material. If you do not have Acrobet reader, download it here


Q: What are the learning requirements in order to successfully complete Research Fellowship Program (RFP) and how are grades assigned?

A: For information on learning requirements and grading for EIPRHR l Online courses, visit our Policies Page.


Q: What do I receive upon completion of the course?

A: Upon successful completion of Junior/Senior Research Fellowship Program, participants will receive (via email) a digital Certificate of Research Fellowship and Certificate of Internship Completion as Junior/Senior Research Fellow (as per their type of Program).


Q: How to enroll in the program?

A: If you fulfill the basic eligibility criteria, you are eligible to enroll in Junior or Senior Research Fellowship Program.

To enroll in the program, you are required to pay Program fee, fill the online program form. Hurray, you are enrolled in the program. You will receive the confirmation email of your enrollment. 

For more information Click here to visit Page related to enrollment.


Admissions- Application and Deadline


Q: What are the application requirements?

A: Application requirement can vary. Check the program page where specific requirement is listed.


Q: I cannot provide transcripts because I’m a refugee – what can I do?

A: Please contact your Admissions or Program Advisor in this case or write to online.ed@eiprhr.org


Q: What is admission procedure?

A: Once you have chosen a program. You will need to complete two steps-

  1. Pay the program fee online
  2. Fill online application form

All programs require the completion of a brief application. The applications vary slightly from program to program but all ask for some personal background information and a brief essay. After submitting your application, you should receive an email confirmation from online.ed@eiprhr.org . If you do not receive this email, please check your junk email folders and double check to make sure the application was successfully submitted alongwith supporting documents and the program fee.


Q: I missed the application deadline. Is there any way I can be considered for this year’s program still?                                                                                                         

A: All applications with Program Fee received by the deadline are guaranteed a successful enrollment in the program. Applications submitted after the deadlines are not guaranteed the same level of consideration. After the deadline, individuals may email the reason of delay to consider the application. There is no guarantee these requests will be considered or replied.


Exam, Evaluation and Certification


Q: How is the final exam administered?

A: EIPRHR l Online’s final examination is offered to participants after successful completion of the program. This three hour, multiple choices, assessment will be done online and checked by the subject Professor / Program director.


Q:  What happens if I fail in the final exam of the program?                                                                    

A: The Program is designed specially towards enhancement of candidates’ skills to equip them with knowledge. It is expected from students to dedicate some time to learn the program. On completion of the program, students are required to attend an Online exam consisting 25 multiple choice type questions. A 30% correct answer will make you pass.  No candidates are recorded as failed till date.


Q: What I will get after completion of the program?

A: On completion of the program, candidate will receive the following valuable documents as their lifetime assets.

  1. eCetificate " Diploma/Advanced Diploma/Certificate or Advanced Certificate ( depends upon type of course) " issued by European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR) with its official seal.
  2. Performance/ Grade card signed by Professor with official seal.
  3. Reference Letter* of Professor/Supervisor on the letterhead.- Reference letter* of Professor/Supervisor on the letterhead (A reference letter (or Recommendation Letter) is a strong document that may help you in achieving your goal by producing it during Job interviews/ or as a supporting document for University admission for higher studies.  *conditions apply. (only for interns attaining GPA 7+)
  4. Internship Certificate of 4 weeks' tenure




Q: What is the duration of the Internship?                                                                 

A: An internship is available for 4 weeks to candidate enrolled in a program.


Q: How the Internship will be conducted?

A: The virtual internship will be based on research. The intern will learn the basics to advance technique / methodology of Policy paper researching by experienced professors /faculty of EIPRHR from US/Europe trained from world's premier schools (Harvard Law School, Harvard Business school, London School of Economics, Oxford University etc.,) who will also supervise interns. During the internship tenure, intern will be guided, mentored, instructed by assigned Professor/Supervisor who will nurture and help interns to enhance their related skills. The internship will boost the participants with inspiration, motivation, skills, pride, and a new energy. Once you will complete the internship and receive the valuable Certificate of Internship completion, you will have an added advantage in your career and profile that would bring new ideas and opportunities to you. Importantly, on successful completion of your program with internship, you will start a new long term relationship with our institute as an alumnus. 


Q:  Who will guide me during Internship?                                                        

A: During the internship tenure, a dedicated friendly Professor/expert supervisor will be assigned to you who will be available in all working days through phone, WhatsApp, skype, email to clear your queries, to guide you and provide assignments, evaluate your performance, etc.


Q: Is there any fee, I need to pay to start my internship?

A: No, there is no fee to be paid for internship. It is free.


Q: When I will start my internship?

A: Once you complete your program, you can start your internship with the consent of your program director.


Q:  To complete the internship, do I need to visit Brussels?                                                                                         

A: No, you need not to spend money for travel related expenses to earn your prestigious Certificate of Internship. Internship will be conducted online.


Q: What is Internship offered by EIPRHR l Online?

A: Internship offered by EIPRHR l Online is a part of the program in which they are enrolled.  (this internship opportunity is available only to candidates enrolled in a program offered by EIPRHR l Online).


Q: How the Internship will work?                                                                                       

A:  On successful completion of the program, candidate will join 4 weeks' internship program as Junior / or Senior Research Fellow-Trainee with one of our Specialized centers and a dedicated friendly Professor / expert supervisor will be assigned to you The supervisor/professor will send maximum TWO assignments (in pdf files) to intern’s email The subject/topic of the assignments will be based on the topic chosen by the intern at the time of filling the application form.

Example- if an intern selected the topic i.e. Business and Industry   (assigned supervisor may ask the intern to formulate a research topic based on the selected topic i.e. Business and Industry. For example- the intern formulated the below mentioned research question of the topic to conduct the research-

What are implemented policies of your Government in promoting the business & industry in your country? Do you think that current applicable policies are successful; if not, what are your recommendations for policy amendments to the government?

Intern will conduct research/prepare paper (as required by supervisor) and will send the above research in word file to supervisor’s official email. On receipt of research paper of the intern, supervisor will evaluate the paper and provide grades to intern; Best three papers will be published on our website under Publication.

At the end of the internship tenure, intern will attend/learn research paper defense online. 

After completion of the Internship, the intern will receive the prestigious Internship Certificate issued by European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights.


Q: I have completed the program and now enrolled for 4 weeks’ internship. How to start/conduct research on the topic I chosen?                                                                                                                       

A: You should not get worry as your supervisor/ Professor will help you with all manuals related to working procedures. Generally a research is Internet based Research can be conducted online, interviewing to targeted/ concerned individuals, searching materials in your University Library, to collect the reference material. You will also get EIPRHR l Online’s links of different online libraries.


Q: What topics/ syllabus will be available to research in the Internship?                                                              

A: EIPRHR l Online’s internship is designed uniquely in more than 100 different options by subject experts/Professors. Assignments are given separately to each intern, decided by the assigned supervisor on the basis of the education level (Bachelor/Master/Doctoral) of an intern. The wide range of topics available to research makes our Internship a unique one. (For research topics available in internship, please refer the page internship or view internship section in the application form.)


Q: What is research, how to do it?                                                                                       

A: If it is your first time for researching to write a policy paper; you should not get worried. Complete Research methodology will be provided by your supervisor who will help and guide you to complete your internship. A GOLDEN FACT is that our unique internship system makes every enrolled intern an expert researcher at the end of their internship.


Q: I am in my country/city; (for example- London/Frankfurt/Paris/Budapest etc.,) how I will participate in the internship Program?                                         

A: Your supervisor will send you assignment (in pdf files) to your email. You will complete assignments and send the files to your supervisor’s email. Your supervisor will be in continuous connection with you through any convenient medium of communication (video conferencing, phone, email, skype, whats app) that would make an easy interaction between you & your supervisor.


Q: What happens if I could not complete the assignment in time?                                       

A: We encourage enrolled interns to complete the assignments in time that would help the supervisor to give you more stars. But in case you could not finish the same due to any genuine reason, your supervisor may guide you with a suitable solution.


Q: What are the benefits included in attending the Research Fellowship Program and the internship?                              

A: Being an intern as Junior/Senior Research Fellow; post completion of your program at EIPRHR l Online brings the bundled benefits for long term that would boost your career path with flair and many advantages. Completing an internship program from EIPRHR l Online would make your career profile stronger with added advantage than other fellow students.

After completion of the Internship, candidate will receive the Certificate of Internship Completion (CIC) issued by European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR).

Awards/Recognition/Medal- To encourage interns to perform with their BEST of efforts & skills; during the internship, we recognize outstanding interns as per their performance.


Program Fee


Q: What is the application fee of Research Fellowship Program?

A: There is no application fee. If you are eligible, you can apply by paying the program fee within deadline to avoid disappointment as we have limited seats.


Q: Where to pay the Program Fee?                                                                               

A:  To pay the “Program Fee, visit Page related to enrollment. For more information Click here


Q:  My Credit card/debit card is rejected by your payment gateway and I am unable to pay the program fee on Institute’s website?                                                                                                                            

A: First of all check if you have sufficient funds in your debit/credit card/ bank account to pay the fee. If you have sufficient funds and still unable to pay, contact immediately to online.ed@eiprhr.org for an immediate help (attach the screenshot of the window appearing at the time of the unsuccessful payment).


Q: What is included in the Program Fee?

A:  The program fee covers Study materials, Assignment assessment fee, certificate fee, supervisor engagement fee and other administrative charges. There are no additional fees charged to take an EIPRHR l Online program.


Q:  I am from UAE/ Asian country, how I can pay in euro (€) currency?                                                 

A:  We have our web embedded secured payment gateway provided by PayPal . You can pay by Debit card/ Credit card in your local currency equivalent to Euros(€).


Q: What are my program fee payment options?

A: We accept payments via credit card, Debit card on our payment gateway securely embedded in our website.


Q: Can someone else pay for the program on my behalf?

A: Regardless of who remits the payment, EIPRHR l Online must receive full payment for your course prior to the enrollment deadline. The screenshot of the payment must be uploaded in the online application form.


Q: Where to pay the Program Fee?                                                                                

A:  Program fee is to be paid online at the payment gateway securely embedded within institute’s website. To pay the “Program Fee, go to program page and follow instructions.



Financial Aid


Q: Is financial aid available?

A: The financial aid is decided time to time by the management board. For updates on current available aid or offer, Click Here



How to apply


Q: How do I enroll in the Program?                                                          

A:  If you have identified the program in which you want to enroll, visit the program page and click apply now button and follow the given instructions. In simple words, you will be required to complete just TWO simple steps-

1.  Pay the Program Fee

2. Fill Program Application Form online

Once you complete the above steps successfully, you will receive an official email confirming your enrollment as a participant of the program.


Additional Questions-


Q: Can I enroll in more than two programs together?

A: Yes, there is no objection from our side as long as you can afford to study two or more courses together.


Q: Where I will do my internship?

A: You will join as Junior/Senior Research Fellow-Intern with one of the "Centres of Excellence of Europe" Click here to see the centres. 


Q: I want to complete the program only; I am not interested in Internship?

A: We encourage all enrolled student to complete the 4 weeks’ internship as it will help you to understand the policy research paper writing. But if you are not willing due to any reason, you can de-register your name from the internship roll by sending an email to online.ed@eiprhr.org