This page is updated and effective from 1st January 2023. 

1. DIPLOMA ( Bachelor Level) / Advanced Diploma ( Masters Level) / Executive Diploma/ Executive  Advanced Diploma

  • Program grades are assigned on the following scale:

  • i. Pass with High Honors ( Grade 10.00)

To pass with High Honors, you must meet all requirements referenced below, demonstrate a superior level of content mastery, and make exemplary contributions to the program through your engagement and participation. Excellence in both required and “enhanced” participation is also required to earn High Honors.


  • ii. Pass with Honors ( 9.00 to 9.99)

To pass with Honors, you must meet all requirements referenced below, demonstrate a strong level of content mastery, complete all required participation elements with consistently high-quality contributions, and have a strong level of enhanced participation.


  • iii. Pass (4.00 to 8.99)

To pass, you must demonstrate mastery of course content, satisfactorily complete all quizzes, exams, and required participation elements, and contribute to enhanced participation.


  • iv. Fail ( 0-3.99)

Participants will not pass the program and will not be awarded if, in one or more courses, they fail to do one or more of the following:

  • Complete all module quizzes and the final exam

  • Demonstrate content mastery on module quizzes and final exams

  • Satisfactorily complete all required participation elements

  • Engage in enhanced participation

  • Participants should expect to spend a significant amount of time completing the modules—and the program—on time. Each module, including the module quiz, must be completed by its stated deadline. If you do not complete a module by the deadline, you must still work through the module materials and complete the module quiz; however, your quiz score will be recorded as a zero for that module.

  • In calculating your overall quiz average for each course, we will exclude your lowest score. Therefore, if you are unable to complete one module quiz in a course by the deadline, it will not affect your overall grade. Missing more than one quiz deadline per course, however, will adversely affect your course grade and your eligibility for the program credential. All modules and quizzes in program must be completed to be eligible to take the program’s final exam and receive a passing grade for the program.


2. Verification of Documents issued by EIPRHR l Online

If you are asked for official verification of your completion of the program by an employer or institution, you may write to  to verify the issued document by EIPRHR l Online.

Please note: If you request an official transcript to be sent directly to yourself, it will no longer be considered an official record for verification purposes. For security, the transcripts should only be sent directly to an institution or employer, and they expire after 30 days. This transcript represents your official academic record with EIPRHR l Online and is delivered electronically only over secure PDF.


3. Certificate Programs

Participants should expect to spend a significant amount of time completing the modules—and the program—on time. Each module, including the module quiz, must be completed by its stated deadline.. Additional requirements, such as assessments or team discussions may vary by course. Participants will be assessed based on their performance in the program and internship. No grades are assigned for Certificate programs. Participants will either be evaluated as complete or not complete.


More detailed information on individual program requirements will be communicated at the start of the program.

4. We understand your plans to join an EIPRHR l Online program may change. We offer the opportunity to shift your admission, defer your enrollment, and withdraw from your program. Some additional policies apply if you are company-sponsored or enrolled in a certificate program, so please review those details if they apply to you.


i. For Learners in a Corporate Training Program

You may not defer or receive a refund if you are a company-sponsored participant enrolled in a program through your employer. If you wish to withdraw, please contact the appropriate representative at your company and they will inform EIPRHR l Online. These restrictions do not apply if you completed an application, paid for the program yourself, and plan to request employer reimbursement – you are still eligible for deferrals and refunds in this case.


ii. For Learners in a Certificate Program

Shifting Admission and Deferring Enrollment: We do not offer the option to shift your application or defer your enrollment for our short term certificate programs, as many are special one-time programs or only run annually or have less duration of 4 weeks to 12 weeks.


5. Withdrawals and Refunds:

i. All programs have limited seats. Therefore, refunds will only be granted if requested 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the commencement of the program. No withdrawals or refunds will be approved between 20 days and the start of the program, or after the program has started and course materials ( either in full or partial) has been delivered.

ii. Once you make your request of withdrawal for refund prior to the start of the program i.e. 21 days (3 weeks) prior , we will return funds to the payment method used while enrolling, (a deduction of Euro 150 will be made from the paid program fee to cover the amount charged by bank/payment gateway at the time of enrollment / fee payment, and other actual charges paid by the institute for enrollment purposes.).

iii. You may request a withdrawal without refund if you have completed less than half of your program. Withdrawing will allow you to apply and enroll in the program at a later time; you will be required to pay the program fee again. If you withdrawn without informing and, do not complete the program, you will not be enrolled in any program in future. 

iv. If a Candidate violates any rule, perform unethical activities, misbehave through email or telephonic by using unappropriate words at any point of time after the enrollment or before commencment of the program; such candidate will be immediately expelled from the institute and no refund requiest will be accepted.


6. Due to covid-19 global pandemic crisis, businesses/ activities of organisations are badly hit. EIPRHR is also one of them, the crisis affected us too. Many of our activities are postponed/ delayed due to non-availability of staff, vendors, etc. Therefore, there will be no guarantee for meeting the scheduled deadline of course material delivery, exan date, certificate release date etc.

i. No refund will be issued to candidate if demanded on any of the grounds, related caused due to delay in course materials delivery, change in exam date etc.

ii. Request of fee refund in full or partial will not be processed to such candidate who enrolled in a program by availing discounted/reduced fee structure even if the request for refund is made 21 days (3 weeks) prior to commencement of program.

iii. No refund request will be accepted/ processed to candidate enrolled in short programs of one month duration (i.e. All programs of Certificate/ Advanced Certificate / Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses).


7. Without any prior notice, Institute reserves the right to re-schedule the dates of study program ( which covers delivery of study material, exam date schedule if it is required due to any unavoidable circumstances in the Covid-19 global pandemic crisis. In this case, a student does not get right to claim for refund ( full or partial) of the program fee. Program fee will nt be refunded in any case either in full or partial.


8. Refund Request of Administrative Fee of Euro €399 paid at the time of Registration of Screening Test, to qualify for Enrollment in the program ( i.e. Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Entrepreneurship ( ADLE): There is no provision to consider a request to refund of administrative fee in any case/reason/circumstances; including reasons mentioned below-

i. if an application is under review by the examiner

ii. if a candidate is found eligible ( issued an Eligibility Pass Code (EPC).

iii. if a candidate's screening test ( written or oral) is scheduled and candidate chose not to appear for screening test due to any reason ( including phone switched off by candidate at the scheduled time of telephonic interview). In this situation examiner reserves the right to decide on the application on whether to approve or reject. The final decision by examiner will be binding to the candidate.

iv. A candidate who does not pass the screening test, will only get an automatic refund without any deduction.


9. Refund rules of Certification Fee of Junior Research Fellowship Program (JRFP) or Senior Research Fellowship Program (SRFP)


1. Refund Request of Certification Fee paid at the time of enrollment for Junior Research Fellowship program or Senior Research Fellowship Program ) : There is no provision to consider a request to refund of certification fee if an enrollment ID is generated and sent successfully to the candidate's registered email ID.  

i. if enrollment ID is not generated and not delivered to the candidate's email ID;  and if candidate requests for the refund of paid certification fee; in this case a full refund will be issued to such candidate. 

ii. A full refund will be processed automatically to such candidates, who paid the fee but did not fill the program applicaton form. Such refund will be processed within 4-6 weeks after commencement of the program. Since accounts department is responsible for managing fee and refunds; it is strongly advised to candidates that any request for refund or refund related correspondence must be sent to the email of accounts department i.e.  Request or queries related to refund sent to any other department or email will not be replied.


2. Insisting to a refund after an enrollment or after commencement of the program or during mid of the program using false basis will not be considered for a refund/ will not be replied by the Program Coordinator and such requests will be referred to the Legal Department ( ) as a matter of violation to the rules stated in Program application form under Declaration (for JRFP and SRFP) as well as   Undertaking- JRFP with Internship (UJRFPI) signed by the candidate. Such candidate will solely responsible for any outcome for violating institutional rules knowingly due to illegal non-qualifying refund request.




10. (i.)Deferring Your Enrollment: Once you have enrolled and paid for a program, you may request a deferral of your enrollment by emailing to . We will enroll you in a later offering of the same program, subject to the policies below.


(ii.) You may request an enrollment deferral at any time before your program starts, and up to one week after the start of your program. Note that you will need to start the program over after deferring – no work you have completed will transfer to the later offering.


You must defer to one of the next three offerings of the program in which you are enrolled. A list of upcoming offerings may be found on the program’s page on our website.


You may only defer once. If you have previously deferred, you will not be eligible for an additional deferral or a refund. For this reason, please consider requesting a refund if your program has not started and you are uncertain about joining a later offering.


EIPRHR l Online may make exceptions to our deadline, deferral, and withdrawal policies on a case-by-case basis. We may consider exceptions in cases of extreme life circumstances. Extreme life circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency medical situation for you or a dependent

  • Death of an immediate family member

  • Natural disaster or other large-scale event


If you wish to request an exception, please reach out to us at  as soon as possible, and no later than two weeks from your event. We will then work with you to determine the available options given your progress in your course and the amount of time until your course ends.


Early and active communication is essential to help us support you during your life event. To the extent you are able to do so, we encourage you to continue your coursework while any exception request is under review. As part of our review process, we may request supporting documentation from you.