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Lowest Fee

EIPRHR l Online doesn’t charge high fee, in comparison to other online courses available in Europe, US, UK etc. We do charge minimal processing fees to keep EIPRHR l Online running.


EIPRHR l Online is an European online Institute. Our academic leadership includes scholars from the best universities around the world.


EIPRHR l Online is a 100% online institute. Control your schedule by studying anytime and anywhere you want - at home, work, or even on the move.


Thanks to EIPRHR l Online’s small group batches, students receive personalized attention and a supportive learning experience to fuel their success.

     150+                92%                  2.1                    27:1                99.9%

         COUNTRIES                            RETENTION                   AVERAGE TIME (Months)                     RATIO                         RECOMMENDATION

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Comparison of Benefits/advantages

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Harvard Business School



London School of Economics


Yale School

of Management



  • 1.  Program Fee ( very High)

  • 2.  Program Fee(Min-Max.) in Euros

  • 3.  Personalised Student support

  • 4.  Ratio of Student to Faculty

  • 5.  4 weeks' Internship

  • 6.  Free Career advice

  • 7.  Research Writing opportunity

  • 8.  Industry Recognition

  • 9.  Personalised attention by Faculty

  • 10. Alumni status with Benefits

  • 11. Easy Application Process

  • 12. Duration of the program

  • 13. Program Delivery mode

  • 14. Program structure

  • 15. Number of Modules in Program

  • 16. No. of Credentials ( 1.Certificate / Diploma 2.Grade Card, 3. Reference letter 4. Internship Certificate

  • 17. Certificate awarding body 

  • 18. Is Certificate verified by awarding University? (Verified by course platform

  • 19. Career Guidance- Job Support and Alerts

  • 20.Credential Recognition-University /Corporate/Government Level

   Very High            Low                  High           Very High       Very High       Very High        Very High      The Lowest 

   3800-9000            150                  3900+             6500+           11500 +              9500                 8500          100 -  999

       YES                   NO                   NO                 YES                YES                  YES                 YES                 YES

      250 : 1           1000+ : 1         1000+ : 1           500 : 1             250:1              200 : 1              150 : 1              30 :1 

         NO                   NO                  NO                   NO                  NO                   NO                   NO                 YES

        YES                  NO                   NO                   NO                 YES                 YES                  YES                YES 

         NO                   NO                   NO                   NO                  NO                   NO                   NO                  YES 

       YES                  NO                   NO                  YES                 YES                YES                   YES                YES 

       YES                  NO                   NO                  YES                YES                  YES                 YES                 YES

       YES                   NO                   NO                   NO                 YES                  NO                  YES                  YES 

 Complicated         Easy               Easy                Easy         Complicated   Complicated  Complicated      Very Easy 

     1 year           6-12 months  6-24 months  12-24 months 6-24 months   6-12 months    6-12 months   1-2 months 

      Online            Online              Online             Online            Online             Online             Online             Online 

    Very High            Low                 High            Very High       Very High        Very High        Very High     The Lowest 

       Less             Very Less        Very Less      Adequate         Enough         Adequate         Adequate        Adequate

     Only 1.             Only 1               Only 1            Only 1             Only 1            Only 1               Only 1       4 ( 1., 2.,3,.4) 

   Institute       CoursPlatformCoursPlatfor Institute           Institute        Institute             Institute         Institute 

   Institute       CoursPlatformCoursPlatform   Institute          Institute         Institute            Institute         Institute

        No                     No                   No                  YES                  No                   No                    No                  YES 

       YES                  Low                 Low                 YES                YES                 YES                  YES                YES 

Research Source: Data collected from open source available on internet.

" Global Attendance "

Candidates from the World's Top ranking Premier institutes attended professional program / internship / Research programs to gain professional skills in different fields.

* The list shown above is Only institutes/Universities fall  within Top 100 in World Ranking ,represented by the candidates attended programs at EIPRHR and EIPRHR l Online. 

" Trusted by the Executives for its Quality Education "

Executives & Trainees from the World's premier organizations attended executive programs /Leadership programs/ Policy Research in different fields to gain professional skills.

* This is not a full list. We shown Only Prime Governmental organizations of International repute , declared by the candidates as their work-place, attended programs /research workat EIPRHR and EIPRHR l Online. 

" Affordable & Flexible Education to working Executives "
"List includes Executives from the Best of Print, Electronic Media"

* This is not a full list. We shown Only Prime companies of International repute ,declatred  by the candidates as their work-place, attended programs / Internship /Research work  at EIPRHR and EIPRHR l Online. 

Testimonials of Happy Students


Happy Students

 " I attended Advanced Diploma in Economics, the course contents were rich and modules were uniquely structured. The programs offered by EIPRHR l Online are excellent and also saved my lot of money while quality is not compromised at all. I will recommend everyone to enroll with their choice of program. "


- Lisa George

M.Sc. -International Affairs, London School of Economics (LSE), UK.

 " It was a wonderful time at EIPRHR. Before joining the program , I did many other online and in-office internships but I would rate internship offered by EIPRHR as the BEST. I learnt a lot.  I can say now that I am a perfect and professional policy researcher. Thank you very much to my professors and supervisors."


Edward Dullan
Master of Social Work, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

 " The internship helped me leaps and bounds to acquire the necessary skills of a competent researcher. It simultaneously helped me dig deeper into the subject field of my choice i.e. International Business. My supervisors were always just an email away whenever I had any queries. I like how the internship is open to all students enrolled in a program. 

- Marie Duran
Master of Public Health, Australian National University, Australia.

 " The reading materials were beautifully constructed and very comprehensive. My supervisors were phenomenal with their expertise, guidance, support and review. It was an wonderful experience that I got at EIPRHR.

Currently I am working as Policy Analyst with EIPRHR. Thank you. "



- Valerie Walsh 
Master of Management Studies (GBS), SOM, Yale University, USA.

After completing my Internship I can say that I am better researcher than before. A new energy has been stored in me that I can use for my further research work. Thanks EIPRHR. The best thing of this internship program is that after completion, all interns are given chance to work as Junior Researcher.   

 - Andrei Sakharov  LL.M., Harvard Law School, USA.

The knowledge I gained through online program is wonderful. The internship expanded my horizons about my future career. The guides were extremely cooperative and helped me learn many valuable lessons that are going to benefit me in days to come. It was all in all great experience.Thank you for this opportunity!


 - Anni Jensen, M.Phil. in Environmental Policy, University of Cambridge, UK.

 " It was really nice experience for me as an Intern involving in the International experience for researching the topics. I find the idea of an internship dedicated solely to improving the research ability of the interns, commendable. The internship was a very professional experience and has given me the confidence that I can do well in future. "


-  Matteo Gucci
MA-Economics, Stanford University, USA.  

 " The internship experience was beneficial to me as I got to research on various other topics and increased my pool of knowledge. I got to research on Law and social issues and problems in my country. The internship experience as a whole was awesome because I got the chance to learn and enhance my knowledge.  "


Farida Khan
Master in Public Policy, National University of Singapore, Singapore​​​​​​ 

* This is not a full list. We shown Testimonials of Only few randomly selected candidates who provided their consent to publish their photo. Due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)  

At EIPRHR, we believe that none of the student be deprived of attending a program of their choice which is possible when the concerns of a student are recognised and required to be resolved immediately with an easy solution. To solve this problem, EIPRHR launched 10 minute approval in Loan to EU candidate willing to enroll in a program offered by EIPRHR. For Non EU candiates, we have some special programs in very nominal fee structure.

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