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European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR) is established as a nonprofit organization- an international policy research institute.


Our board is composed of independent personalities with broad research and policy experience, representing their individual views only. The board provides the strategic direction of the organisation and supervises its independence, the work of the management team and the financial performance of the organisation


EIPRHR aspires to best practice in good governance. It is governed by two statutory bodies:-

  • the General Assembly

  • the Governing Board.

Their respective powers are set out in the articles of association.

Governing Structures

Governing Board

The Governing Board is the main decision-making body. It is made up of non-executive directors and is responsible for the overall management of the EIPRHR, with day-to-day management delegated to the Chief Executive who is Secretary to the Board and accountable to it. The Board's main function, in practice, is to provide strategic direction to the EIPRHR and to monitor and evaluate its operations and the implementation of the strategic plan. The Chief Executive manages the daily operations, finances, and personnel, represents the Board externally in public fora, as well as acting as the EIPRHR 's Legal Representative.


EIPRHR's Board comprises 3 Working Groups:-

  • Monitoring the agenda of external institutions, partners, and competitors

  • Profiling the organization: Public Affairs

  • Financing, fundraising, and legal framework

Governing Board is composed of the positions as- 

  • 1. Chair ( Acting CEO) - The Chief Executive is accountable to the Board for the good functioning of the EIPRHR.

  • 2. Members


The Governing Board is responsible for the management of the EIPRHR and has all the associated powers.


However, powers relating to the day-to-day management of the EIPRHR are delegated to the Chief Executive, who acts as the EIPRHR 's Legal Representative.


The Board's main function, in practice, is to provide strategic direction to the EIPRHR and to monitor and evaluate its operations and the implementation of the strategic plan.


The Board meets three to four times a year.
Board members also sit on the General Assembly, which meets once a year to formally approve the annual accounts and adopt the budget for the year ahead.

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General Assembly
In addition to the members of the Governing Board listed above, the other members of the General Assembly are:

  • 1. Chair

  • 2. Secretary to the General Assembly

The following matters are the exclusive competence of the General Assembly:

  • approval of budgets and accounts;

  • election, discharge and revocation of “administrateurs”, i.e. Board members;

  • amendments to the Articles of Association;

  • dissolution of the association;

  • exclusion of members.

Meetings of the General Assembly are prepared by the Governing Board, which decides the agenda. The General Assembly meets once a year.

International Advisory Board (IAB)

EIPRHR’s International Advisory Board (IAB) is a uniquely influential group of global business and policy leaders who provide perspectives to the EIPRHR’s president and board.


EIPRHR‘s IAB is composed entirely of chairmen and chief executives of significant global companies and accomplished former policymakers of cabinet rank or above. Members serve three-year renewable terms. The group meets annually, usually in conjunction with the EIPRHR’s Annual Awards Dinner.

Members have a demonstrated track record of support for the Euro-World relationship. 

The group or individual members may suggest specific directions or programs that serve the mission of EIPRHR.

The EIPRHR also serves as a home for IAB members who wish to use the EIPRHR as the platform for their activities which are supported by EIPRHR.

EIPRHR ‘s IAB is composed of

  • President,

  • 12 vice presidents,

  • and 20 members

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EIPRHR signed up to the European Commission's voluntary Register of interest representatives. Our decision to do so reflects our long-standing commitment to openness and transparency, demonstrated by the detailed information we already provide on our website about our financing and governance.

The European Commission's definition of who should register states that it is for all entities engaged in "activities carried out with the objective of influencing the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European institutions". EIPRHR is committed to making European integration work, by promoting discussion and innovative thinking on the key challenges facing the European Union and coming up with practical policy proposals to achieve this goal. We, therefore, decided to register even though the only interest we "represent" is the interest of European integration and its influence on global policies and engagement with world issues and their solutions.

You can consult the register online. By signing up to the register, EIPRHR and its staff commit themselves to comply with the Commission's Code of Conduct for interest representatives. Click here to consult the Code.


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Should you have any questions or observations about the EIPRHR 's entry, please contact: Director of Administration E-mail:  secretariat@eiprhr.org