Women's Global Leadership Program

Women's Global Leadership Fellowship -2024


Now accepting applications for the 2024 cohort. Please send nominations and resumes to women@eiprhr.org  by January 7th, 2024.


The EIPRHR’s Women's Global Leadership Fellowship(WGLF) Program is a year-long program designed for rising women leaders who wish to deepen their understanding of critical geopolitical trends in order to thrive in a complex and competitive global environment. Women nominated by their organizations will join a select network of mid- to senior-level professionals in seminars about global topics affecting business and policymaking and participate in executive leadership and communication training.


The seminars are led by world-class scholars at EIPRHR as well as guest lecturers drawn from the senior ranks of the policymaking and business communities and top-flight leadership coaches. The program is built on EIPRHR’s well-established reputation for bipartisanship, policy relevance, and analytic rigor and on its innovative approach to executive education that encompasses both professional and personal growth. Fellows gain exposure to the EU policy community, as well as the necessary skills to navigate and engage the power structures of the European Union.

The program combines the following elements:

  • Half yearly in-person sessions in Riga (Latvia). Each session lasts two days( Saturdays and Sundays) and includes a mix of leadership development, communications training, and seminars on the geopolitical environment to build a foundation of participant knowledge on the global economic, technological, and security landscape. The program format incorporates seminar discussions, interactive skill-building exercises, and insiders’ perspectives on EU institutions, as well as dinner speeches from prominent practitioners.

  • Emphasis on skill-building sessions. The program’s leadership and communication training addresses the specific challenges faced by women executives and helps build critical skills to boost Fellows’ career trajectories. Fellows gain skills through a variety of experiential learning exercises, including team-based challenges that require good communication, strategy, and collaboration. Executive communications training gives participants tools to hone their message, present ideas effectively, and efficiently guide meetings and projects to success. On-camera media training allows participants to prepare for speeches and interviews with confidence and to learn to engage effectively and persuasively with any audience.

  • Monthly conference calls on timely international developments and current events. These calls are an opportunity to connect the themes of the quarterly meetings to current events shaping the international environment. To ensure the greatest relevance of these virtual meetings, EIPRHR selects program topics one-two weeks prior to the conference call and provides a brief reading on the breaking topic in advance.


Program Design

The Women’s Global Leadership Fellowship Program will take place over the course of one year, with half-yearly sessions at EIPRHR, online resources, and monthly conference calls on breaking international developments. Each half yearly, participants gather at Riga for two days of high-level briefings, and interactive discussions on the global economic, political, technology, and security landscape.



  • Geopolitical Shifts and Contexts

  • Global Economic Trends

  • EU Power Structures

  • Women in Leadership

The leadership and communication trainings will target critical skills that match the needs of executives, with a unique focus on women in senior positions.


Media training to prepare for speeches and interviews with confidence Leadership coaching to reach professional goals and address personal challenges


Communications workshops to create effective messaging and present ideas persuasively


Interactive simulations to exercise negotiation, strategy, and collaboration.

There will be continuous opportunities to attend events at EIPRHR and to forge a close network with speakers, participants, and alumnae for years to come.


After completion of fellowship, Participants will:

  • Develop tools and contacts to advance pro-worker, pro-women policies at the local, national and global level;

  • Learn how to use their understanding of global issues to strengthen organizing campaigns that involve multinational employers;

  • Develop a critical analysis of current political, economic and social trends and their impacts on workers and unions;

  • Be trained on economic institutions and policymaking, how economic policies can promote or hinder labor and women’s rights, the structure of the global labor movement, global organizing strategies, advocacy skills, and how to use international tools and mechanisms to promote economic and gender justice;

  • Meet women and workers’ rights advocates from around the world, identify opportunities to build contacts with other activists and leaders, and strengthen advocacy across the labor and women’s rights movements.



The Women’s Global Leadership Fellowship Program accepts a limited group of 15–20 nominees to participate in the fellowship each calendar year. Nominees should have approximately 10 years of experience and the potential to serve in senior executive positions in business or government. Nominees may be drawn from anywhere within their organization’s structure, including business units, government relations and international divisions, or corporate strategy offices.


Women less than 30 years and lesser experience than 5 years can join in Young Women Leadership Fellowship (YWLF) program.



  • Tuition for the Women’s Global Leadership Fellowship Program is €9500 per participant.

  • EIPRHR offers a reduced tuition rate for individuals nominated by government and nonprofit organizations.

  • Tuition covers all meals, accommodation, local transportation, site visits etc.