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EIPRHR is unique in this regard because we are: 

We have no ideological or commercial interests. This does not mean that we are neutral – we are committed to improving the world in ways that are objective, measurable and sustainable. 


We bring attention to challenges that affect the future of global society. Because the world is an interconnected ecosystem, we believe that no issue is isolated – there are always effects and interdependencies, which we systematically and rigorously take into consideration. 


We actively invite perspectives from all interested parties. We believe that the world’s challenges can only be solved through engagement with all members of global society. 


We focus on the long-term, not the emergencies of the day. Success is measured not only in terms of immediate results - we understand that real progress takes time and sustained commitment.


We always follow ‘The EIPRHR Way’. It’s a way of working that encapsulates our belief in the power of collective wisdom and creativity and our commitment to more progressive tools and methodologies.