Curious about benefits, future scope, etc. 

Start here!  Read below to find out what this role as a career has for you.

The benefits of volunteering with our organization are countless. But there are social, emotional, physical, and professional perks. What you gain from volunteering can benefit you in several ways. Volunteering is itself a golden opportunity which has unlimited benefits.



Once you complete your Skill based volunteer program i.e. Certificate Program in Volunteer and Leadership ( CPVL), you get Certificate of Participation alongwith ALUMNI status. Following are the benefits of ALUMNI-


  • Alumni gets an official email ID for lifetime at our domain ( example: ) alongwith acess to Alumni Only section

  • Alumni can apply for other salaried higher positions (if available) as per fulfilment of eligibility criteria; without appearing in screening test. ( Click here to explore available salaried positions)

  • Alumni can apply for volunteer position of Ambassador to represent our organization in their University/School.

  • Alumni will receive invitations to all upcoming events of the institute including the Annual Grand event in Brussels (Belgium).

  • Alumni gets discounts in upcoming online/classroom courses

  • Alumni can submit article / BLOG/video/ regional news ( subject to approval by the Editor) to get it published online in our website and online journal, which is read by Top researchers, Government heads and diplomats, business heads that would boost intern’s career in the global community.

  • Alumni can nominate to become delegate as a part of the delegation during meetings with Government officials, Member of the European Parliament, Commissioners of the European Commission, United Nations General Assembly etc. Such opportunities will be shared in advance to all interns through email.

  • Opportunity to participate in Annual Global Policy Dialogue where the major policy issues facing the WORLD are discussed and debated in depth.

  • Receipt of all reports of events and other relevant communications.

  • Many awards, contests, networking events are organized at global/regional level where alumni can participate .

  • Alumni gets access to apply to available career opportunities ( in office/online) @EIPRHR and its global offices in more than 30 countries.


Once you complete your Certificate Program in Volunteer and Leadership ( CPVL), and join as Volunteer; you get following benefits-


  • Digital Identity card

  • Personalized official email ID of institute's domain ( example:

  • Reimbursement of telecommunication (internet, phone, etc.) as per terms and condition.

  • Meal allowance/ Travel allowance/ personal maintenance allowance. ( as per terms and condition)

  • You will earn between 10-40 percent of the total revenue collected (through sales, online program fee, abroad study tour fee, subscription, memberships/ sponsorship sales, donations, etc.)

  • Complete administrative support will be provided to ensure smooth operation of projects and activities.


After successful completion of six months' tenure, following additional benefits will be provided/applicable-

1. Reimbursement of telecommunication (internet, phone, etc.)( as per terms and condition)

2. Meal allowance/ Travel allowance/ personal maintenance allowance. ( as per terms and condition)

3. Medical /health Check up ( Each year -Annually. after successful completeion of the first year).

4. Health Insurance and Life Insurance coverage (Premium will be paid  each year after successful completion of first year).

5. Car with fuel expenses will be provided after successful completion of first year.

6. After 2 years' of successful service - Personal Loan facility ( upto Euro 100000)  will be available for Personal needs/ buying House/Car etc. 

7. Fully paid vacation ( International/ European destination) for 15 days each year ( will start from after successful completion of the first year)