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As per recruitment policy of EIPRHR, we prefer to employ, for an available vacancy, a candidate from its own database of alumni and pre-screened CVs in our ResumeBank.


Who is Eligible to Apply for a Job Position: 

Anyone who fulfills basic eligibility criteria, as mentioned in the job description, can apply for an available job position. 

  • If you are an alumni of EIPRHR Academy or EIPRHR l Online; you are not required to undergo the screening test. You can directly enroll in the prescribed program which is  associated with the job position. To receive the web-link of job detail and enrollment procedure ; write to  with your Candidate ID provided by EIPRHR.

  • If you are not an alumni and willing to join as prospective employee, you will need to undergo the screening test to secure Eligibility Pass Code (EPC) which is required to enroll in the program associated with the job position. To Know about Eligibility Pass Code ( EPC) Click here


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Please note: EIPRHR is an equal opportunity employer. Hiring decisions are based on merit and business needs and not on race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law.

Application materials will be carefully reviewed but due to the large volume of resumes, we are unable to personally acknowledge each applicant. Only those selected for an interview will be personally contacted. No phone calls, please. Thank you for your interest in the EIPRHR

For any queries, please contact Human Resources Department , E-mail-

EIPRHR is as good as its people. Executing our strategy is only possible through a relentless focus on talent recruitment and development of intellectual entrepreneurs to ensure that we are a relevant, resourceful, nimble, ambitious, and effective organization.

The best EIPRHR  team members are cutting-edge experts in their fields, whether that be regional knowledge or administrative skills. They are passionate about their work, results-oriented, fast-acting, entrepreneurial, and resourceful. They understand the world’s challenges are daunting, but they are optimistic and natural team players in their search for relevant strategies and policy solutions. The Institute has a diverse, multi-lingual, and international workforce, but we are united by our aspiration to represent these attributes. In our pursuit of excellence, we recruit those candidates who embody these characteristics.

If you share a commitment to our mission, please apply below

List of vacancies-    updated on-  10th October 2021.

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The new era of work culture has knocked. COVID-19 global pandemic crisis taught the world to live in adverse situation which forced the mankind to change its conventional methods of living and working. The new model of Work from Home is one of the new model of working culture adopted by most of the institutions around the world to combat the crisis, to save human life and to save the business/ economy which is directly connected to humman life. Infact, it opened the doors of new opportunities to prospective candidates around the world. EIPRHR has adopted this new model of work i.e. Work from Home working culture and introduced home based executive, online teaching jobs etc. for candidates around the world.To combat the present COVID-19 pandemic crisis, EIPRHR presenting Home based Executive jobs, as an alternative/ solution to the conventional model of work, which requires an office.

EIPRHR’s Home based work model is a ray of Life to those who are looking for an executive job but do not want to work with risk and in unsafe environment.

The following job position is based on the Home based work-model.


New Hiring Procedure.      Please Read Carefully

       Country Director

Employment Type 




Functional Area


Salary Slab


Job Location




Job description


































Eligibility/ Required skills 
































Benefits during Probationary period 










Benefits on joining as Country Director





Home Based, Part Time

CEO / Managing Director / Director /Deputy Country Director/ Country Manager/ Country Manager-Junior

Top Management

Euro € 4500- 7600 / month  ( The salary will depend upon major factors i.e. age, education experience, performance etc.)

Portugal,Kyrgyzstan,Spain,Netherlands, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Georgia, Belarus, Turkey, Brazil, China, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Zimbabwe  ( For complete list of available locations Click Here )

This is a key position, and only one person in each country will be appointed in the above mentioned countries-

Responsibilities of a Country Director would include:
Research Area-

  • Producing surveys of the academic literature on assigned research topic 

  • Gathering data from a variety of sources to be used in reports and white papers. 

  • Updating and locating new material for institute on the new societal paradigm shift.


  • You will work closely with the Government of your country by suggesting initiatives to officials. 

  • Coordinate with Government institutions, regional NGOs, Corporate, and officials to meet personally and plan region-wide programs, activities, and events.

  • 1. Circulate programs/ events and initiatives on social media platforms.

  • 2. Answer general questions on phone, skype, webchat.

  • 3. Progress Tracking- Daily video-conferencing with team members

  • 4. Meeting weekly/ monthly target of sales/ new enrollments/ admission / revenue generation.

  • 5. Organize seminars, small events as per instructions by the supervisor

  • 6. Organize short term professional program / Live classes in your region


  • Locate eligible candidates/ Institution/ for Individual /Institutional membership

Online Education / Enrollments-

  • Build tie ups with corporate/local academic institution for online program marketing

  • Find sources to locate prospective candidates for enrollment in online professional programs

Candidate should have a strong undergraduate/Postgraduate background. No professional experience is required.

  • An ideal candidate should have excellent writing skills, a problem-solving orientation, the ability to thrive under deadlines, and the ability to think critically and present persuasive arguments.

  • We’re looking for individuals with a track record of academic success and proven leadership ability.

  • Familiarity /experience in debate, public speaking, educational campaigning, and fundraising.

Ideally, you should have:-

  • A Minimum Bachelor's degree completed at an recognized institution, 

  • Good knowledge of the country of appointment

  • No criminal record or pending case in the court of trial.

  • Genuine fluency in English required. Fluency in any other language is an asset.

  • Experienced leadership capacity. interpersonal skills.

  • Strong public speaking skills alongwith solid written communication skills

  • Proactive team member

  • Meticulous attention to detail

  • Familiarity with event planning

  • Smart, Presentable personality



If you fulfill the basic eligibility criteria mentioned above,

  • You are required to enroll and complete 1month's online program i.e. Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ADLE) ( with 4 weeks’ internship) from EIPRHR. This program will equip you with knowledge & skills required to carry out the position successfully. ( This is a common program for position of Country Director,Deputy Country Director,Country Manager,Country Manager-Junior,Country Ambassador,Country Ambassador-Jr.)

  • After completion of the program, EIPRHR will issue the appointment letter and you will be recruited directly without any screening. Appointment will be based on the basis of acquiring of required skills at the recruiting institution itself.

  • Such candidates will be appointed first on 2 months’ probationary period.

  • After completing two months' probationary period, you will get the permanent appointment as Country Director.

During Probationary period, you will polish your acquired skills through gaining practical knowledge.
No fixed Salary will be paid but following benefits will be applicable-

  • Reimbursement of telecommunication (internet, phone, etc.)

  • You will earn 10 percent of the total revenue collected payable monthly through sales, online program fee, abroad study tour fee, subscription, memberships/ sponsorship sales, donations, etc.

  • Complete administrative support will be provided to ensure smooth operation of projects and activities.

  • Certificate of Authorization

  • Personalized official email ID of institute's domain( example

After completion of the probationary period, candidate will work as Country Director in their home country with office established by EIPRHR while it will not be necessary to attend the office.
1. Salary ( the slab will be in Euro with incentives)
2. Reimbursement of phone bill, internet etc.

3. Medical /health Check up ( Each year -Annually. after completeion of the first year)

4. Health Insurance and Life Insurance coverage (Premium will be paid  each year after completion of first year)

5. Car with fuel expenses will be provided after completion of first year.

6. After 2 years' of service - Personal Loan facility ( upto Euro 100000)  will be available for Personal needs/ buying House/Car etc. 

7. Pension may be availed if completed 15 years of service.

8. Fully paid Family vacation ( International/ European destination) for 15 days each year ( will start from after completion of the first year)



To apply for this Job; Get Enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ADLE)

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