All information mentioned here is based on latest guidelines received from Program Director's desk, institutes's Schools, Departments, Centres and the Secretariat.

( updated on  May 20, 2022)

  • Bachelor Level Diploma / Certificate Program Application Deadline:  June 2, 2022.

ATTENTION: - Due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic crisis, EIPRHR supports students. Bachelor Level - All Diploma/ Certificate  Program's Fee is reduced ( Till 31st May 2022as below.

  • Diploma program- Euro € 3160 is reduced to Euro € 1920 ( Till 31st May 2022)
  • Certificate Program- Euro € 1575 is reduced to  Euro € 995 ( Till 31st May 2022)

 The reduced fee will be effective Only till 31st May 2022, from June 1st Onwards normal fee structure will be applicable.

  • Masters Level Advanced Diploma / Advanced Certificate Program Application Deadline:  June 2, 2022.

ATTENTION: - Due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic crisis/ applicable offfers, EIPRHR supports students. Masters Level - All Advanced Diploma/ Advanced Certificate  Program's Fee is reduced ( Till 31st May 2022as below.

  • Advanced Diploma- Euro € 3780 is reduced to Euro € 1950 ( Till 31st May 2022)
  • Advanced Certificate Program- Euro € 1850 is reduced to Euro € 995 ( Till  31st May 2022)

 The reduced fee is effective Only till 31st May 2022, from June 1, 2022 Onwards normal fee structure will be applicable.


Job Oriented Programs

  • Update on Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Entrepreneurship(ADLE) ( Program commencing on  3rd June 2022 ) available Here
  • Update on Masters Program in Leadership and Entrepreneurship(MPLE) ( Program commencing on 3rd June 2022 ) available Here


Research Fellowship Programs

  • Update on Junior Research Fellowship Program (JRFP) and Senior Research Fellowship Program (SRFP)  available Here



Volunteer Leadership Program

Update on Certificate Program in Volunteer and Leadership (CPVL) available HERE