There are many options available to fund the program fee like scholarship ( which is only available to meritorious students), loan by banks ( sometime a loan is not disbursed in time before the commencement of the program. Our long experience, in research and education sector, brought to realise that the economic concern is the first thing a student see, if it is not affordable to a student he/she  immediatly quits without a second thought even if the program is of utmost required for his/her career growth. At EIPRHR, we believe that none of the student be deprived of attending a program of their choice which is possible when the concerns of a student are recognised and required to be resolved immediately with an easy solution. To solve this problem, EIPRHR launched 10 minute approval in Loan to a candidate willing to enroll in a program offered by EIPRHR.

In 2017, we launched the study loan scheme i.e. STUDY NOW - PAY LATER (SNPL) system for those who are interested to enroll in the program but can not afford the program fee immediately.


  • The opportunity to study online has never been better with EIPRHR’s Study Now- Pay Later initiative.

  • SNPL Students' Loan Fund was established by the EIPRHR Secretariat after realising that many students quit/ unable to enroll in a program due to inablity to pay the program fee upfront.

  • To help students, the SNPL- loan scheme was formulated with an yearly budget / Fund of Euros (€) 500000 which help nearly 400 students every year.

  • It’s never been easier to start studying and taking the first step toward the change you have been wanting. Study Now and Pay Later course options are now available with up to 12 Months' Interest-Free repayment plans.


Imagine completing your course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, working through content that is designed to give you a head start in your career. That could be a reality if you switch to online study with us.

Study Now, Pay Later allows you to enroll in any program which costs more than Euro(€) 500. It’s the perfect option for students who want to get ahead of the curve but aren’t able to pay upfront.


We can now offer you the opportunity to pay your course on a flexible monthly payment plan. This new option is safe, simple and is a convenient way to pay for your course over time. It provides you with the flexibility to start your study today and pay later on an interest-free payment plan.  The process is entirely paperless and designed around simplicity


Since launching this new campaign, we have had an influx of students wanting to get started right away. Our repayment plans are designed to work with you, so you can easily enroll in the program of your choice and gain a quality professional qualification without financial stress and strain.

A candidate can repay the loan within upto 12 months. As per the convenience, there are many options to choose from 3, 6, 9, or 12 months' repayment plan. To know your monthly installment; Click on the program below, in which you are willing to enroll-


To be eligible to apply for this loan, you must fulfill the basic criteris as mentioned below-

  • Be 18 years or over

  • Enrolled in a University or working with an organization

  • Can repay the loan amount within chosen time

  • You were/are not involved in any anti-national/anti-european activity and have No criminal record or pending case in the court of trial.

The following documents will be required to upload in the online Loan application form-

  1. Proof of Citizenship of the applicant applying for loan  ( Either Passport Copy or valid National ID Card issued by Government)

  2. Passport size color photo of the applicant applying for loan( in jpg / jpeg format only)

  3. If you are not repaying on your own; please attach the following-  " Proof of Citizenship of the guarantor / person who will repay the loan  ( Either Passport Copy or valid National ID Card issued by Government)"

  4. If you are not repaying on your own; please attach the following- " Passport size color photo of the guarantor / person who will repay the loan ( in jpg / jpeg format only)"

  5. Proof of administrative Fee  payment of Euro 399 ( attach screenshot of payment confirmation/email received after successful payment)

In order to make your successful application to avail the funds required to enroll in one of the program of your choice. You will need to complete the following steps-


  • First Step: Pay the Administartive Fee of Euro 399. To pay Click Here 

  • Second step:  Fill the program application form ( available/embedded in the program page)

  • Third step: Fill the Study Now Pay Later application Form. Click Here to fill online


Once you complete the above steps successfully, you will receive an email confirmation about status of loan approval / enrollment.

For any assistance regarding completion of loan application ; write to