Guidelines before Filling the Study Now - Pay Later (SNPL) Application Form:


You are here on this page to complete Third/Final Step of the SNPL loan application process by filling of the Study Now Pay Later (SNPL) Application Form:  Before proceeding further, please ensure that you have already completed the following steps-

  •   First step  i.e. successful payment of the Administrative Fee 

  •   Second Step i.e. Filling of the online program application form


If you have not completed the First step and Second step, please do not attempt to fill Study Now Pay Later (SNPL) Application Form. Complete the first step i.e. to pay the administrative fee. Click Here  to pay the Administrative Fee and fill the program application form at the Program page.



On completion of the first and second step; you are ready to proceed to complete the final/third step-

Before proceeding further, Get your following documents ready to upload in the application form-

  • Upload -1< Proof of Citizenship ( Either Passport Copy or valid National ID Card issued by Governmentin jpg / jpeg/ pdf format)

  • Upload-2 < Passport size color photo ( in jpg / jpeg format only) 

  • Upload-3 <Proof of Administrative Fee payment ( attach screenshot of payment confirmation/email received after successful payment) - in jpg / jpeg/ pdf format)


If you do not upload any of the above documents, your form will not be submitted.

On completion of this final/ Third step; your application is officially submitted successfully for enrollment in your desired program with an additional request to grant the SNPL Loan. An official confirmation email of grant of loan and admission will be sent to enrolled candidates with their admission / Enrollment ID.  On the date of commencement of the program; the program director will send the Welcome Kit consisting of essential guidelines, contact details (Phone, email, whatsapp ) of assigned professor / supervisor alongwith study material,( e-books etc.)