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Our options give you the opportunity to join a diverse and influential think tank network of individuals and organizations who take a proactive interest in global affairs, and value opportunities to share debate and develop ideas on critical international issues.


Our  Membership Program brings together individuals from around the world who share an interest and passion for the Organization’s role of providing an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century. Through the institutes’ membership program, individuals actively participate in keynote events and gatherings around the world, gain exposure to experts from government and the private sector, and receive timely communications and analyses of the events shaping our world.


Our members and subscribers are drawn from the worlds of business, diplomacy, academia, politics, the media and civil society, and large numbers of students.


Based in more than 75 countries, they play an essential role in questioning and challenging world leaders and other speakers when they visit our centre, and their contributions play an integral role in sustaining the independence of European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights.

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Our membership options enable you to exchange ideas with leading politicians, commentators, and policy-makers at high-profile events, as well as provide access to our library and online archives.

Shaping international affairs helps your business and colleagues respond to a wide array of scenarios. Our tailored corporate membership options are designed to inform through regular events and independent research.