Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our membership options.


Why are there several categories of individual membership?

  • EIPRHR offers two categories of membership: Individual and Corporate


Individual Full Membership is the main level and The other options you see (Student Membership, Under 35 Membership, Family Membership) are concession rates offered on Full Membership. To be eligible for one of these concessions you must either be a student or recent graduate*, under 35 years of age or living with a family member that is already an existing Full Member of EIPRHR.


*If the university you attend or recently attended has an Academic Institutional Membership at EIPRHR, you are eligible for a further discount to the Student Membership. To apply for the AIM Student concession, you will need to contact the Individual Membership team.


What is the difference between the categories?

  • Full Membership offers unlimited registration to our Members Events, subscriptions to all journals etc. Those benefitting from one of the concession rates receive everything available to Full Member.


Which membership is right for me?

  • To access the maximum features on offer to individual members, we would recommend you consider Full Membership. Please keep in mind that concessions are available on the Full Membership subscription amount if you are a student or recent graduate*, if you are under 35 years of age, or if you are living with a family member who is already an existing member of EIPRHR.


How do I apply for membership?

  • You can apply by selecting your preferred membership option online and proceeding with the ‘Apply’ button.

The online form will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete and will require applicants to complete a personal statement of approximately 150 – 250 words (details are included on the form).


Can I change my membership during the year?

  • Yes, you can. We are happy to amend your category if at any point you feel your personal circumstances would better suit an alternative type of membership to the one you have. Please note you will be charged or refunded the necessary difference when a membership category change takes place.


How long does membership last?

  • Membership is an annual subscription, and members are sent reminders when their membership is due for renewal.


Can I attend all the events at EIPRHR by becoming a member?

  • As a Full Member you are entitled to register your attendance to our Members Events. Associate Members can register their attendance to up to two Members Events in their membership year.


  • Occasionally, if we expect a Members Event to be particularly popular, we organize a ballot for members to attend. Seats are allocated randomly and those members who attend are unable to register a guest.

  • Attendance to all other EIPRHR events, for example “Research Events” is at the discretion of the host. While attendance may be possible it is not guaranteed on the basis of membership status.


Can I pay monthly?

  • Members are able to pay annually ONLY. We currently do not offer monthly membership renewals.


Can I buy membership for someone, or recommend them?

  • Yes, you can. If you are a member of EIPRHR, you will receive a 10% discount on your renewal for every redeemed membership up to a maximum of 50%.


Gift memberships can be purchased here, and friends can be referred here.


What is corporate membership?

  • Corporate Membership at EIPRHR enables organisations and their employees to gain deeper engagement with our research and output. This can be through support for a particular research department or project, involvement in our conferences or receiving invitations to exclusive breakfast and dinner events.


Corporate members of the institute are permitted a set number of nominees, depending on their level of engagement. Nominated members of the institute benefit from the same features as individual members, with additional access to our corporate events.


Learn more about Corporate Membership.


For organisations that do not have corporate membership at EIPRHR, we accept up to five individual members from the same workplace.


Can I still apply individually if my organisation has corporate membership?

  • If your company is already a corporate member of EIPRHR, you would be able to become a nominated member under their membership provided that your organisation has enough allocated spaces to facilitate this.


If your organisation cannot allocate you a nominated membership, or if you would prefer to engage with EIPRHR in a personal capacity, you are still welcome to apply to individual membership.

You can find the list of current Corporate Members of EIPRHR here.


Who can I speak to about membership at EIPRHR?

  • For any questions on Individual Membership, please contact the Individual Membership team by emailing