No such obligations are set for Members of Advisory Board (MAB) that can hinder their pre- assigned Long term current commitments but still it is mandatory to follow the basic ethics and regulations described herein.


Responsibility of Members of Advisory Board (MAB) are as below:


Participate actively in their own jurisdiction (Country/City of Representation).


Meetings/ Events

  • Attend special events and other key organizational activities as requested by EIPRHR.

  • Be available on email/Skype/phone in weekends or a time where you can be reachable for institute’s staff seeking advice.


Membership Drive and Support

  • MAB member should engage actively in increasing number of Members in his jurisdiction (Country of Representation).

  • Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributions to the work of the board and the organization.

  • Assisting the organization in connecting with those people and organizations that may be able to support the organization and its different initiatives/events.

  • Provide support to fellow board members, and take time to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of the organization and the board.



  • Contribute your expertise and thinking to the current and future work of the institute.

  • Serve as a member of one or more of board committees as requested by EIPRHR.

  • Conduct meetings in your jurisdiction with Local members. Prepare in advance for meetings and other key board activities.

  • Engage in independent and critical thought in all areas of the work.

  • Successful implementation of important issues those are likely to have an impact on the success of the board and organization.

  • Serve as an ambassador and spokesperson on behalf of institute, including active support for networking and the development of connections with community and other leaders.

  • Provide encouragement and active support for the work of volunteers in your region.


Publish Contents

  • You should be active on Institute’s Blog by sending your articles on a issue, where Institue is engaged.

  • Host Local events/Dialogue with the approval and support of the institute.


Serve with honor and integrity

  • Help enhance the image and credibility of the institute through their work, taking care that their personal behavior reflects well on the work and reputation of Institute.

  • Honor sensitive matters in confidence and with discretion, exhibiting the best of ethical performance.

  • Honor and actively support all board decisions, once they have been made, and treat the content of board deliberations with confidence and discretion.

  • Avoid actual and perceived conflicts of interest, to the greatest degree possible, and exhibit the highest of ethical standards in all personal conduct.


Support and contribute to the board’s efforts to work effectively as a team

  • Play an active and constructive role in helping the board to do its work, embracing the challenges and opportunities of board work with a positive attitude and energy.

  • Bring a sense of perspective and humor to the work of the board.

  • Board members will not authorize or engage in transactions except those in which the best possible outcomes or terms for the organization can be achieved.  This standard constrains a board member from participating in board discussions and decisions when they as an individual have a conflict of interest (i.e., their personal interests conflict with organizational interests, or they serve multiple organizations whose interest conflict).


Social Media/ E-mail

  • Populate Institute by Using Signature in your email footer, adding to Twitter and Facebook.  (Signature format will be sent to all MAB members with the official E-mail ID)

  • On a special request by MAB (and on approval by Board) , a regional website may be launched.