EIPRHR l Online offers  knowledge based -internships of 4 weeks to its students only enrolled in one of the program . The internship is focussed mainly on Policy Research in almost all subjects and topics.


The internship programme is intended to provide the trainees with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in policy research.

Therefore, it constitutes an excellent experience for trainess aspiring to pursue a career in the area of research, policy making and related fields. The added value of an internship with the European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR) is that it has specialised centres in Economics, Business Management, Media studies, Law, Public Health, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, Social and Political Science;  where a trainee is attached to carry out research work. The traineeship gives an unique opportunity for the trainees to test their capacities and to see their ideas have a real impact in a dynamic environment.


The internship is focused on immersing the successful candidates in the short-term and long-term policy research and other activities of the Centre: organizing meetings and conferences, preparing reports and analysis, editing publications including communicating with organizations and government institutions in policy research and other activities, and liaising with officials from the world and European Institutions.


The Internship is open to all students enrolled in Bachelor or Masters level Programs with EIPRHR l Online. There is no seperate application required to attend the internship. 


If you wish to enroll in a program with Internship. Click Here to view the complete list of Programs available with internship.