Individual Membership

Our membership packages for individuals provide many opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with leading politicians, political commentators, and policy-makers at a wide range of high-profile international affairs events.


Our Membership Program brings together individuals from around the world who share an interest and passion for the Institute’s role of providing an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century.


Through the institute’s membership program, individuals actively participate in keynote events and gatherings around the world, gain exposure to experts from government and the private sector, and receive timely communications and analyses of the events shaping our world.

How to apply

To join, please choose the appropriate membership type below and apply online, But please note:


  • To become a member, Check your ELIGIBILITY first. Click Here  If you are eligible, you can proceed further.

  • All mandatory fields on the form must be completed, and you must pay the annual membership subscription amount, plus joining fee (if applicable), at the time of application.

  • New Members have to pay annual subscription using a valid credit or debit card.


During the application process, members who are applying for membership without an invitation must complete a short personal statement of approximately 150 – 250 words (details are on the form). We recommend applicants write their statement before applying and copy it into the form. (Individuals who have received an invitation to apply for membership need not submit Short personal statement )

Included in all membership

  • Membership Certificate

  • Invitation to all events

  • Members Newsletter (monthly)

  • Members can submit their article for BLOG ( subject to approval by the Editor)

  • Free attendance at Policy Briefings where key figures in government, industry and the EU institutions take the floor.

  • Free participation in Policy Dialogues where the major policy issues facing the EU are discussed and debated in depth.

  • Receipt of all reports of events and other relevant communications.

  • Member of General Assembly and can vote and nominate their name for vacant positions in Governing body *

* conditions apply

Full Membership                    €390  

  Full Member-Women            €75  

Full Member (Under 35)       €195  

Student Member                      €50  

Membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining.


*To qualify for the Under 35s concession you must be aged under 35 year's old when we confirm receipt of your application.


** To qualify for the student concession you must be a student and not in full time employment. Or you must have graduated from an undergraduate degree no more than three years ago.


Those studying with an EIPRHR Academy are eligible for Student Membership and will pay a reduced annual fee of  €25.