European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights

Analysts, Researchers, Policy Practitioners and Interns.


EIPRHR brings together and maintains a network of the world’s top experts ( Resident & non-resident) in government and academia from all over the world who provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of public policy issues.

This community of analysts and problem solvers draws on its members' scholarship and research on international public policy issues, and on their own practical work on those issues in government and private institutions. Their expertise spans the world's regions and the critical topics shaping the global landscape.

Our extensive range of experts enables us to produce a wide range of independent, rigorous analysis of critical global, regional and country-specific challenges and opportunities.


Judge-High Commercial Court, Croatia, EU
President- Leadership Council of Think Tanks (LCTT), Senior Fellow-EIPRHR         President- Croatian Mediation Association

Professor of EU Law-University of Central Lancashire,Cyprus (EU)
Senior Fellow- EIPRHR
Leadership Council of World Universities (LCWU)

Dr. Behsat Ekici

Lecturer- Human Rights Practice, University of Arizona, USA
Ph.D.(Law), University of Florence, Italy
Vice President-Leadership Council of World Universities (LCWU), Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

MBBS,MD- University of New South Wales, Australia
Expert-International Public Health
Member-World Health Leadership Council (WHLC), Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

Researcher- Veterinary Science (Social Farming) ,University of Pisa,Italy, EU
Migration Consultant-FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome (Italy) 
Member- Leadership Council of Women (LCW), Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

Statistician- Traineeship@  Eurostat, European Commission, Luxembourg
Master of Policies,Gender and Minorities- SNSPA, Romania (EU)
Member- Leadership Council of Women (LCW), Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

Lawyer-@ McDermott Will & Emery, Paris, France  /  LLM- University of California,Berkeley, USA / Ex-Counsel,  Council of the European Union, DG Economic Affairs and Competitiveness  Vice President - Leadership Council of Entrepreneurs & CEOs (LCEC)

Communications Associate-International Committee of the Red Cross,Geneva, Switzerland / Associate Fellow-EIPRHR
Ex- Assistant, Project Management and Communications,United Nations,New York  President- International Council for Counter Terrorism Policies (ICCTP)

Masters-Public Governance (Adam Mickiewicz University,Poland)
Representative- House of Justice LEPL (Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia)                               
Member-Leadership Council of Women (LCW) / Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

Bachelor in Business and Quality Management, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU)
Expert- Human Rights And BusinessJunior Fellow-EIPRHR

MBA,PhD(Sociology) / Research Assistant-Middle East Technical University,TURKEY                            Expert-Gender Equality,EU Enlargement
Junior Fellow-EIPRHR

Masters in Governance of Migration and Diversity-Leiden University,Netherlands
Former Advisor(PMC)-University of Bristol,UK  / Expert- Migration policy / Junior Fellow-EIPRHR

Master’s in Public International Law - University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Advocacy Peres Junior- Consulate General of Romania, Salvador
Ex-Researcher - Xiamen University, China
Expert-Justice and Home Affairs            Junior Fellow-EIPRHR

Ph.D. in International Affairs
Advisor- Global Initiative Against Transnational Crime, Director, School of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy (SFAD) Senior Fellow-EIPRHR

LL.M.- International Law and Human Rights, University of Tilburg, Law School,Tilburg, The Netherlands
Trainee-Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs /  Trainee- Urban Policy, European Commission,Brussels, Belgium
Expert- Human Rights And Business Diplomacy, Junior Fellow-EIPRHR

Traineeship- The European Union Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Master Degrees-Civil Law and / Human Rights and Democracy in South East Europe, University of Sarajevo,        Expert-Borders and Security              Junior Fellow-Trainee

MSc.-Law, Business and Management, The University of Law, London,UK
Expert- Economy, Finance and the Euro, Junior Fellow (Trainee)- International Business & Diplomacy

LLM- Human Rights with International Law, University of Kent, Belgium
Senior Legal Researcher, Kosovo Judicial Council  / Associate Fellow- EIPRHR
Expert-Human Rights And Business Diplomacy

BA-International Relations, King’s College London, London
Expert-Human Rights And Business Diplomacy / Junior Fellow-Trainee

Master's Degree- Government and Politics, LUISS Guido Carli, Rome, Italy
Expert- Public Policy                             Associate Fellow-Human Rights

Master's Degree- Global Political Economy, Stockholm University, Sweden
Expert-EU Trade Policy / Economic and Monetary Union  Junior Fellow-Trainee

M.A.-International Economics, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany
Expert-Financial Innovations / Junior Fellow-Trainee

MSc.-Euromaster in Urban Studies, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels (Belgium)
Expert-Culture and Media / Associate Fellow-Trainee

LL.M.-Harvard Law School,USA, MBA-Business Administration, Amsterdam Business School, Netherlands
President (Provisional)- Leadership Council of MEPs & Ministers (LCMM) / Expert- Security, International Affairs / Senior Fellow- EIPRHR

Masters- Coastal Management and Ecology, University of La Rochelle, France.  Expert-Environmental policy / Associate Fellow-Trainee

Bachelor of Arts in Language, Information and Communication Sciences
Expert- Education and Training        Associate Fellow-Trainee

Masters- European and International Affairs, Turkish German University, Turkey / Associate Fellow-Trainee
Expert-International co-operation and Development

MSc.- International Relations, Norwegian University of Life Science,Oslo,Norway
Project Researcher- Kenya National Bureau of Statistics ( Project financed by the World Bank) / Associate Fellow-EIPRHR / Expert-International Relations

MA- Comparative Business Economics, University College London,UK 
Traineeship-Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines
Expert-Comparative Business Economics  / Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

Masters-Science Education, Bachelor of Laws,University of San Carlos, Phillipines  Expert- Education and training  / Associate Fellow-EIPRHR

M.A-(Economics), University of Mumbai,India / Senior Executive-Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai,India / Expert-Economy,Education and training  / Associate Fellow-Trainee

Bachelor in Literature, Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China
Intern-Sustainable Development

Bachelor of Laws- Faculty of Juridical Poliical and Social Sciences of Tunis,Tunisia
Intern- Borders and Security

Bachelor in International Law, Faculty of International Relations, Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus
Intern- Human Rights And Business

B.Sc.- Applied Mathematics+Technical Computer Science, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Intern- Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Kostas Gouliamos

Rector- European University Cyprus (EU)
Senior Fellow- EIPRHR
Woodrow Wilson Centre of Public Administration (WWCPA)

Prof. Ruben Safrastyan

Director-Director,Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia
Director- School of Political and Social Sciences (SPSS) Senior Fellow-EIPRHR