For those aspiring to pursue advanced degrees in management, or careers as entrepreneur, EIPRHR l Online’s Diploma in Management works as a great stepping stone. It equips students with in-depth understanding of theoretical as well as applied management helps them explore solutions to problems that the world faces today. The programme prepares students for the rigour that is required in the professional and academic arenas related to management. EIPRHR l Online’s students of this programme gets chance for an online internship with our different offices worldwide which gives another edge to their career in Management.

DURATION 2 Months 
COURSE FEE Euro- € 1920
  • Program guided by World class Faculty
  • Program designed by experts from Top Universities around the globe.
  • Top Rated online Professional Program in very nominal- affordable Fee.
  • Program offered by Europe's No.1 Autonomous Institute
  • 4 weeks' online Internship / supervised by eminent professors
  • Benefits of Alumni status to students 
  • Alumni ( including non-europeans) gets access to apply to available career opportunities ( in office/online) @EIPRHR and its global offices in more than 30 countries.
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Modules- 14


  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Accounting & Financial Analysis
  3. Strategic management
  4. Principles and practices of Management
  5. Management Information System (MIS)
  6. Business Communication
  7. International Business Operations
  8. Entrepreneurship Development & Project Manage,ent
  9. Services Marketing
  10. Mangerial Economics
  11. Business Environment
  12. Organisation Behaviour
  13. Marketing Management
  14. Quantitaive techniques for management Decisions
  • Online Exam
  • 4 weeks' Internship

Candidate should have a strong desire to learn during the program period. 


Eligibility criteria are as follows:-

You are eligible to enroll in the program ONLY

  • If you are attending a Bachelor Degree program in a relevant field from a recognized institution/University
  • If you have Strong proficiency with Internet, MS Office (Word).
  • If you have genuine fluency in English with Solid written communication skills.
  • If you have No criminal record or pending case in the court of trial.

If you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria listed above, it is advised not to apply. 

If you fulfill all the basic eligibility criteria listed above, you can apply for admission in just two easy steps-

  1. Pay the Program Fee online
  2. Fill Online admission Form


On completion of the above two steps, an official confirmation email of admission will be sent to enrolled candidates with their admission / Enrollment ID.

  •  The program director will send the Welcome Kit consisting of essential guidelines, contact details (Phone, email, whatsapp ) of assigned professor / supervisor alongwith study material,( e-books etc.)

On completion of the program, candidate will receive the following valuable documents as their lifetime assets. 


  1. eCetificate " Diploma in Management" awarded jointly by European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR), Peter F. Drucker Centre of Business Management and School of Business and Management (SBM)
  2. Performance/ Grade card signed by Professor with official seal. 
  3. Reference Letter* issued by Professor/Supervisor on official stationary/letterhead..
  4. Certificate of Internship Completion of 4 weeks' tenure

To enroll, Complete the following steps until specified deadline ( to check the deadline click here) -

  1. Pay the Program Fee.  Click Here 
  2. Fill online Program Admission Application Form (PAAF)

Please note:

For this program, Regular Fee is Euro € 3160 (from June 1, 2022) 

The reduced fee of Euro € 1920 is applicable only Till May 31,2022)

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