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Leadership Councils

EIPRHR has a unique platform as strategic Leadership councils for the debate, knowledge sharing.


The strategic Leadership councils convene members from across the world who share the values and interests of the EIPRHR. 


Common Aim of the following councils - Based on IDS ( Issues, Dialogue and Solution) The members will engage in the Council’s work through private strategy sessions, public events, media outreach, and online and print publications. 


The council will organize debates, conferences, round tables on different regional and global issues related to security, Human rights, environment, etc. EIPRHR also established an academy where masterclasses, short term courses in different subjects and research will be organized.Members will get an opportunity to participate as speaker, visiting Faculty etc. 

Members will also collaborate with EIPRHR to host their visiting head of state, head of government, and cabinet ministers to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the global community.


Following Councils are active on the ground-

  • Members of the above councils are selected/invited by New Member Search Committee (NMSC).

  • The updated list of Council Members of the year 2023-2024 is pending due to New membership drive . The updated list will be available soon after, once the participation of the members in the board is finalized.

  • For information regarding membership; contact membership Desk at membership@eiprhr.org