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Most of the content based activities of the EIPRHR  are developed by, or at least originate from the work of the Committees, which for the years 2023-2024 have been restructured in line with EIPRHR’s Strategic Priorities.


These Committees will meet on the fringes of the Statutory Meetings and whenever deemed necessary, and are open to all the Members. Whenever possible, the Committees will cooperate and/or initiate projects which are relevant to more than one of them.


The Committees can delegate parts of their work to specific Members. The current committees are:


Expert Committees on- (Only Members of the Governing board can participate)

  • Policies & Projects

  • Fellowship & Internship

  • Human Rights & Advocacy


Following committees are open to all members including members of General Assembly-

  • Events & Promotion

  • Executive education

  • Partnership & Sponsorship

  • CSR & Fundraising

  • Memberships & Alumni


Each committee is headed by Director, and committee members.