Do you know the benefits of attending

research fellowship program?





  1. Alumni can apply for volunteer position of Country Ambassador to represent the institute in their home country

  2. Alumni will receive invitations to all upcoming events of the institute including the Annual Grand event in Brussels (Belgium).

  3. Alumni gets discounts in upcoming online/classroom courses

  4. Alumni can submit article / BLOG/video/ regional news ( subject to approval by the Editor) to get it published online in our website and online journal, which is read by Top researchers, Government heads and diplomats, business heads that would boost intern’s career in the global community.

  5. Alumni can nominate to become delegate as a part of the delegation during meetings with Government officials, Member of the European Parliament, Commissioners of the European Commission, United Nations General Assembly etc. Such opportunities will be shared in advance to all interns through email.

  6. Opportunity to participate in Annual Global Policy Dialogue where the major policy issues facing the WORLD are discussed and debated in depth.

  7. Receipt of all reports of events and other relevant communications.

  8. Many awards, contests, networking events are organized at global/regional level where alumni can participate .

  9. Alumni gets access to apply to available career opportunities ( in office/online) @EIPRHR and its global offices in more than 30 countries.