European Leadership Fellowship (ELF) Program


European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR)  launching the European Leadership Fellowship (ELF) Program to connect and empower rising leaders who will shape the twenty-first century. Through this unique two-year program, fellows join a network of outstanding peers from around the world, have unparalleled opportunities to meet world leaders and senior experts at flagship events, learn in a hands-on environment through Master Class sessions and study tours, and lead the debate on key global issues. The program is a central pillar of the EIPRHR’s mission to promote constructive leadership and build enduring relationships capable of addressing shared global challenges.


The fellowship focuses on how a rising generation of leaders around the world can renew a values-based social compact at the beginning of a Century marked by dramatic change and upheaval. Fellows share a common belief in the power of constructive international engagement, democracy, human rights, vibrant civil society, trade and economic development, and sustainability as catalysts for good, while bringing a range of policy views from across the political spectrum to discussions on how to protect and strengthen these values. In this regard, the fellowship seeks to combat isolationism as well as visions for globalization not anchored in these values.


EIPRHR is recruiting exceptional rising leaders thirty-five years old and under from around the world who share our passion for creating a more secure and prosperous world to join the next class of European Leadership Fellowship (ELF). Fellows will come from a wide range of backgrounds including policy experts, journalists, elected officials, military personnel, academics, entrepreneurs, executives, community and cultural leaders, and senior government officials. Above all, they will bring an entrepreneurial spirit, character to inspire and lead, positive vision, and passion for shaping the world to the fellowship.


Fellowship Benefits


  • Join: Join a global network of rising leaders and build life-long relationships through executive retreats and informal events.

  • Meet: Meet world leaders and senior experts at flagship EIPRHR events around the world.

  • Discover: Go behind the headlines with study tours to regions on the frontlines of key global trends and learn from top experts through dynamic Master Class sessions.

  • Lead: Lead the debate with opportunities to speak, publish, and collaborate.


Fellowship Structure


EIPRHR selects each fellow with the intention of engaging and investing in them over a 30+ year time horizon, building a lifelong relationship between the individual and the community. Their journey begins with a two-year term as a European Leadership Fellowship. During this time, they convene twice (once annually), and again multiple times throughout their term in smaller groups alongside high profile events. These unique annual gatherings are central to the fellow experience and ensure lifelong bonds are forged. They feature three thematically linked phases which unfold over the course of 10-12 days:


Front Line Study Tour: Tours take fellows behind the headlines to experience global trends in action. Typically lasting four days, they feature hands-on site visits, social and cultural activities, and meetings with top officials, executives, and civil society leaders as well as practitioners at the grass-roots level.


Global Conference: Directly following tours, fellows will participate in high visibility global conferences where they would share the stage with distinguished senior leaders, including heads-of-state, global CEO’s and others. These events include the upcoming  conference “Europe Leading” ( followed by signature event- European Golden Awards( which would be attended by head of states, ministers, diplomats, CEOs of world’s top companies, and eminent personalities from Entertainment, sports, education sectors )


Executive Retreat: Post-conference, fellows regroup for a retreat where they reflect, participate in professionally facilitated peer-mentorship and leadership development, listen to world-class speakers who join to deliver private talks, and collaboratively plan their own next steps for impact.


Fellowship Commitments


European Leadership Fellowship is a result-oriented program that enables fellows to shape the policy discourse and pursue careers that strengthen their local and global communities. Fellows commit to pro-actively seek opportunities to work together and to put the network, skills, and unique opportunities that the program offers to use throughout their careers.


Fellows commit to attend one global conference each year as well as one international study tour focused on a key global challenge.


The fellow will bear all costs related to flights and lodging for both trips during the first and second year. 


The fellowship program does include annual dues, which are €1950 for members of the private sector and €1500 for members of the public, non-profit, and academic sectors. Dues does not cover flights, lodging, boarding etc. The Institute offers a limited number of subsidies to cover part or all of the dues for fellows with demonstrated financial need.