EIPRHR I Online is the first European online institute dedicated to opening access to higher education globally. EIPRHR I Online is designed to help students overcome geographic, political, and personal constraints keeping them from constraint to gain excellent quality education online. 


The institute offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Executive level programs in Law, Economics, Political science Business Administration, Computer Science, etc. ( To view complete list of departments

  • Visit http://www.eiprhr.org/Departments
  • To view level/types of available Programs visit http://www.eiprhr.org/Courses ).

Currently more than 750+ students are enrolled from more than 150 countries and territories. We are happy to share that 100+ of these students are refugees. 
UNESCO estimates that, by the year 2025, there will be nearly 100 million young people seeking seats in universities that don’t exist. EIPRHR I Online believes that access to higher education can promote world peace and global economic development. As a basic right, higher education can transform not only the lives of students, but also their families’ lives, their communities, their nations and, by extension, the world.

  • EIPRHR I Online is directed by distinguished international boards of members and advisors. EIPRHR’s Leadership Council of World Universities (LCWU) is led by current and former leadership from several of the world’s foremost institutions. 
  • EIPRHR I Online is continuously seeking for academic partnerships with many of world’s foremost institutions. 67% of EIPRHR I Online graduates are employed, including at such companies as Amazon, Apple, Dell, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, and JP Morgan, and institutions such as the UN, European Commission, IMF, the World Bank, etc.

EIPRHR I Online is building a sustainable new model for higher education, EIPRHR will establish an University by the end of year 2021, the campuses will be established in the capital of all countries of the European Union in which students from all over the world (European and Non-European) will be able to enroll within online and capus mode of study. There would be no tuition fee for all the programs in Bachelor, Master and doctoral level. A nominal fee against other essential charges ( which would include assessment fee, exam fee, etc.) will not exceed more than Euro 2000 per academic year. This would be the first University of The Europe which would offer the program without tuition fee even to Non-europeans.

EIPRHR I Online empowers you to learn with EIPRHR faculty throughout your life and from almost anywhere in the world.

EIPRHR I Online offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn. Wherever you are in your career—or the world—we provide educational experiences that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Extending the EIPRHR I Online experience far beyond our physical campus, we offer a rich variety of non-residential educational opportunities tailored to learners of different ages, regions, and backgrounds, giving you access to EIPRHR faculty and their research at almost every stage in your life and career.


Our offerings range of e-materials, allowing you to meet your personal and professional goals at the level of commitment and academic rigor that’s right for you.


Every EIPRHR I Online offering is created by one or more of the university’s world class educators, and is developed in partnership with EIPRHR’s experts in digital learning. Many also feature the leading thinkers, educators, entrepreneurs, and innovators who regularly share their insights and perspectives with the EIPRHR community.


Why? According to our community of learners, EIPRHR I Online:

  • Accelerates Careers: 93 percent said our programs equipped them with skills that bolstered their resume, while one in four reported earning a promotion or title change after completing an EIPRHR I Online course.
  • Clarifies Goals: 77 percent of learners said EIPRHR I Online increased the clarity in their professional future, from determining whether it was time to transition to a new field or industry to making the decision to pursue an advanced degree.
  • Increases Confidence: 90 percent reported feeling more confident at class /work and more comfortable applying the knowledge. And that confidence went noticed: 53 percent of respondents received more responsibility at work after taking an EIPRHR I Online course.
  • Creates Community: 63 percent said they felt as though they joined a community of like-minded peers with similar career and educational aspirations.

Our learning model enables that. By providing professionals with an educational experience that’s case-based, active, and social, EIPRHR I Online puts you in the shoes of decision-makers, and asks you to grapple with real-world problems and discuss and debate with your peers to reach a solution.

EIPRHR I Online offers learners a single point of access to EIPRHR’s extended education and lifelong learning opportunities both on campus and around the world. We collaborate with EIPRHR’s schools, departments, programs, and centers to facilitate meaningful engagement between EIPRHR faculty and learners around the world. Learning opportunities include online and in-person courses, graduate and professional certificates, advanced diplomas, global and extended education programs, and free content. EIPRHR I Online is administered by the European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR) for Professional Development.

We have reimagined online education. Now it’s time to reimagine your career.


The EIPRHR I Online, a part of the European Institute of Policy Research and Human Rights (EIPRHR), is committed to making our Web site and programs broadly accessible.

If you encounter an accessibility problem, have a question, concern, contact us at EIPRHR.ONLINE@eiprhr.org 

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EIPRHR I Online offers a wide range of educational opportunities designed to help you meet your personal learning goals, wherever you are in your life or career.